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DDWA uses the Emerson definition for Challenging Behaviour: 

"...behaviour of such an intensity, frequency of duration that the physical safety of the person or others is likely to be placed in serious jeopardy, or behaviour which is liekly to seriously limit use of, or result in the person being denied access to, ordinary community facilities" (Emerson, E. (1995) Challenging Behaviour. Analysis and Intervention in People with Learning Difficulties. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.)


November 2017: 


DDWA is increasingly being asked to provide advocacy support to people with disability in the area of education and in particular for people experiencing challenging behaviour.

We are interested to hear about you or your family member’s experience at school.

The survey is for families with a child aged 5-18 with challenging behaviour and difficulties in the school system.  If you have more than one child with challenging behaviours, please complete a survey for each child.

The information you provide will assist with:

- getting data on the number of students being fully or partially excluded from school because of their behaviour

- the impact of this exclusion on families

- our systemic advocacy work in promoting changes that enable all children to participate in school, both socially and academically

- our project work in developing workshops and resources for schools to help them to understand and respond to students with very complex needs

This survey should take around 10 minutes - a $50 Coles Myer voucher will be sent to a randomly selected respondent.

All responses will be treated with confidentiality and we do not share any personal details with third parties. All responses will be de-identified before any findings are reported on.


Thank you for participating.


Have you had a look at this resource?

"What is your child's Challenging Behaviour trying to tell you?"

This guide for families was updated in June 2017 and we're currently drafting the version for youths and adults with Challenging Behaviours.















DDWA has a YouTube channel (DDWA Inc) which has almost 40 recorded presentations from workshops and forums on a range of issues, including Positive Behaviour Support and Understanding Challenging Behaviour.



Positive Behaviour Framework

The Positive Behaviour Framework was launched in 2009 by Disability Services Commission. 

Vision: To help people with disability, their families and carers who share experiences of challenging behaviour1 to have a better life within the community.

Mission: Building and supporting contemporary person centred behaviour support options within the community.


Image provided by Craig McIver and Debbie Lobb, Disability ServicesImage provided by Craid McIver and Debbie Lobb, Disability Services
























Read more about the Positive Behaviour Framework Disability Sector Update of November 2014 here. 

The Positive Behaviour Framework forum took place on 26 June 2014 at Technology Park in Bentley and was attended by more than 100 people.

The Code of Practice for the Elimination of Restrictive Practices is part of 

Code of Practice for the Elimination of Restrictive Practices is part of the Positive Behaviour Framework. It should be read in conjunction with other Positive Behaviour Framework documents such as: