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"The lives of people with disability are often secret lives. We are routinely segregated and isolated from our non-disabled peers – we live, work and play in places which are not often frequented by those without disability. Often, we are lonely. If we do not have families, paid staff are sometimes the only people in our lives. We are shut out by barriers to participation in Australian life, and shut in when we are hidden in institutional settings."

(Report authors Samantha Connor and Ben Keely)

The Peer Connect website is for people living with disability, their families and supporters.

The website has information about having choice and control in your life, the NDIS, connecting with Peer Support Networks and getting involved with your community.


Duchenne Foundation in WA have published a great new story for children called "That's What Wings Are For". Part proceeds from sales of the book will go to the Duchenne Foundation.

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7 September 2017:

WA State Government Budget

Today the first Budget of the new Labor State Government has been handed down.

Many of us were waiting to hear if this would be when the Government would announce the future of the NDIS – whether we remain NDIS WA or move to the national NDIS. The Government has not yet made a decision and the Budget papers say:

“The State-wide roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will be a high priority for the Department. While the decision about the delivery model for the NDIS is yet to be determined, the transition to full scheme commenced on 1 July 2017 in the Pilbara, Kimberly and South Metropolitan areas (ie Rockingham and Mandurah). This is in addition to the existing Lower South West and Cockburn-Kwinana NDIS trial areas.”

DDWA and PWdWA have written to the Minister for Disability Services, Stephen Dawson, this afternoon, to express our concern about the delay in the decision by the Government. We have also conveyed the deep concern of our members that the delay is diverting valuable time, energy and resources away from supporting people with disabilities while service providers and advocates are operating and negotiating across multiple systems.

You can  find information on the State Budget here:



July 2017:

Productivity Commission position paper on NDIS costs: Inclusion Australia submission

This submission focusses on people who require complex support – this includes people who have complex support needs and people whose behaviour can be challenging.

Developmental Disability WA wrote the report on behalf of IA based on DDWA’s experience and the experience of Inclusion Australia colleagues.

The PC report identified some key NDIS transition issues impacting on the sustainability of the Scheme and the risk to individuals and the Scheme of poor transition. This includes poor pre-planning preparation; a lack of skilled planners; poor upfront investment in Information Linkages and Capacity Building; limited access to quality services because of ‘thin markets’; lack of clarity and accountability between disability and mainstream service systems.

Taryn Harvey, CEO of DDWA and co-convenor of the Australian Disability Justice Campaign, said that people who require complex support are one of the groups most at risk of poor transition outcomes. The individual consequences of a poor transition are very high; and the personal and financial costs to the NDIS and mainstream services of escalating supports due to poor transition outcomes.

Poor outcomes can have terrible consequences, including avoidable entry into the justice system, and the removal of children through statutory intervention by child protection services.

The submission recommends a dedicated transition strategy for people who require complex support. This would provide an opportunity to look at all of the key elements of transition in a coordinated and strategic way. Such a strategy should be developed in partnership between government and non-government agencies.

Ms Harvey said that the formation of the new Department of Communities by the McGowan provides a unique opportunity to devise and implement a robust strategy to ensure people who require complex support make a successful transition to the NDIS.

Click here to read Inclusion Australia's submission

For the link to the Australian Government: Productivity Commission website, click here.



May 2017:

Federal Budget

The Federal Government will legislate to increase the Medicare Levy by 0.5 per cent, from 1 July 2019.

The increase in the levy will provide the necessary funding to ensure the NDIS is fully funded and sustainable into the future.

Read the Government's Budget Media Release here: BUDGET 2017-18



March 2017: 

Disability Services Commission Director General Ron Chalmers on WA Decision for Local NDIS

Dr Chalmers has requested we make this information available to our members and our networks - click on the image below to read the letter.


Click to open and read entire letter


December 2016:



On 2 December 2016 the Western Australian Government announced that WA would have a State administered NDIS. 

On 16 December the Disability Services Commission provided additional information to answer some of the questions that have arisen following the decision to have a State administered national scheme.



  • The WA NDIS is the NDIS. It's the same national scheme. The WA NDIS delivers the Scheme locally.
  • West Australians with disability will gain access to all the benefits of the national Scheme with the added benefit of support informed by local knowledge and connections    
  • People with disability will not be disadvantaged in any way in comparison with people participating in the Scheme across the country
  • WA actively participates in NDIS policy development with the Commonwealth Government and other States and Territories. WA NDIS policies reflect this close alignment with national policy requirements.
  • A State run model allows the operational policies guiding the Scheme in Western Australia to respond to the local environment  
  • All WA NDIS policies are publicly available online.  A range of formats and languages can be provided. Click here to read OPERATIONAL POLICIES

The Disability Services Commission has put together a list of points to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Read more here: NDIS information - word version or  NDIS information - pdf version

Find out more at the Disability Services Commission website:

If you have questions or concerns please get in touch with us at DDWA

DDWA has been a representative on the WA NDIS reference group since 2012.



February 2016: 

The NDIS Early Childhood Intervention (ECEI) Approach

Prior to the introduction of the NDIS, the approach to providing support to children with developmental delay or disability varied among the states and territories. The National Disability Insurance Agency, with its national responsbility for the NDIS, has worked with a range of leading early childhood intervention practitioners and researchers to design an Early Childhood Invervention (ECEI) approach. 

The ECEI report says what our members tell us daily - that the research shows providing children and families with timely, comprehensive and well-integrated early intervention suport leads to better longer-term outcomes for children, fostering inclusion and participation in their environment. As an insurance scheme, the NDIS also uses effective early intervention to reduce its medium to long-term liability.

The report highlights the need to match early childhood programs and services to the child’s natural settings. It also notes parents need support to give their child an opportunity to gain and use the functional skills they need to participate meaningfully in key environments in their life.

You can read the full report Designing the ECEI Approach here.

A report on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-based/evidence-informed good practice for supports provided to preschool children, their families and carers, which the NDIA commissioned, also informed the ECEI approach.


November 2015:

DDWA partnered with PWdWA, headwest, Down Syndrome WA, Carers WA, EDAC, Valued Lives, WAIS, Advocacy South West and Consumers of Mental Health WA to report on people's experiences of the NDIS and My Way trials in WA.

 Click here to read the report: WORD or PDF

Read the media release here: MEDIA RELEASE

Click on image to open a pdf version of the report


September 2015:

New Minister has responsibility for NDIS

Among the changes to the Federal Government Ministry sworn in on 20 September 2015 was the appointment of Christian Porter MP, Member for Pearce in WA, as Minister for Social Services. Christian Porter's portfolio responsibilities include the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Government Media Release:  Disability policy a priority for Social Services Minister

Print and electronic media reports on Social Services Minister's responsibilities on NDIS:

Turnbull's Surprise Social Services Shuffle

New Social Services Minsiter Christian Porter says the search for savings continues (click to listen)



May 2015:

Jim Simpson, advocate at NSW CID, was in Perth with Janene Cootes of Intellectual Disability Rights Service, on Friday 1 May. Jim and Janene talked with around 50 Western Australians about the experience of people who are on the fringe. Janene described the fringe as a place some people are at - for some a shorter time, for many a longer time. Read the NSW CID position statement:

The design of the National Disability Insurance Scheme needs to carefully consider the circumstances of all people with disability.


Developmental Disability WA is a representative on the NDIS WA Reference Group